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How Do I Grow My Business Online? 5 Tips from Top Digital Marketing Experts

A commonly posed question by many small business owners is, “How do I grow my business online?” Oftentimes, this question is driven by a need for small businesses to expand, increase revenues or gain market share. Regardless the reason for asking this question, there are answers to this problem. And believe it or not, the answers can be used to jump-start your growth online.

5 Tips to Growing Your Small Business Online by Top Digital Marketing Experts

If you were to perform a search for “digital marketing consultants” in Google, you’ll get enough responses to make your eyes bulge. Millions of pages exist! Rather than urge you to find a good digital, or online, marketing consultancy firm, we’re giving you what you 5 powerful, business growing tips.

1. Ensure scalability

Many small business owners start their business for several reasons. Whereas some desire started their company for the freedom to work for themselves, others simply wanted to bring a lifelong dream to life. Whatever your reason is for starting your company, you must ensure it’s scalable.

Being scalable, or scaling your business, means setting the operational parameters that enable and support growth in your company. Essentially, it’s being able to grow without being hindered by resource constraints, which often includes staffing or technology concerns.

If growth causes your company to stumble because of confusion, orders falling through the cracks, insufficient staff, miscommunication, delivery capacity –you’re going to experience unhappy customers. The traditional or manual processes that were used to start your business might be preventing you from the success you deserve. Therefore, you should consider scaling your business.

2. Know your ideal client

A key to growing your business, especially online, is to understand who your ideal client is. Although you may want to market to the masses, because your products and services may serve everyone, it’s a disastrous idea.

By honing in on who your ideal client is, you can create more effective marketing campaigns to draw them in. Additionally, this will help simplify your selling process. Consider these actions to help you with identifying your ideal clients:

- Define your products or services from the customer’s point of view;

- Determine and promote the problem your company handles;

- Determine the location of your ideal clients;

- Determine your customer’s buyer strategy;

Your company addresses a very specific set of needs. And as you know, everyone does not have the same needs, especially at the same time. Once you know your ideal client, you’ll find that growing your company will be easier.

3. Become mobile-friendly

In today’s highly competitive market, every small business owner needs to have a mobile-friendly website. More than 54% of consumers browsing the internet are doing so from their smartphones and tablets. If your site doesn’t allow mobile visitors, you’re alienating nearly half of our customers.

Being mobile-friendly requires a variety of website adjustments:

- Eliminate Flash video: Most mobile devises do not work well with Flash.

- Optimize Images: Rendering graphics ties up bandwidth and time. Always use the correct sizes for your site.

- Create “tappable” elements: Text links are often too small for our thumbs. Use larger buttons to help make clicks or touches easier.

- Easy navigation: Do not consume the screen with the navigation menu. If it fills the screen, it decreases the user experience.

- Ensure easy functionality: Your visitors should be able to easily manage the site from a 3-5 inch screen.

Many aspects of being mobile-friendly do not require a monetary investment. Actions such as modifying images to fit, redesigning the menu bar and more can be done easily on your own (or you can hire a consulting firm to assist).

A simple way to get an idea of what your site will look like on a mobile device is to shrink your computer’s web browser. By adjusting its height and width on your screen, you can get an idea of what your potential customers see when visiting your web pages.

4. Deliver high-quality content

Creating high-quality content is important whether it’s a business blog or a service (product) description. Growing your business online is about engaging your audience and giving them what they need: information.

The information your prospects are looking for needs to be delivered in a way that keeps them connected and engaged. Thus, avoiding text blocks, separating points with headers and keeping the language easy to digest is merely the beginning.

Another important aspect of content to remember is remaining factual. Always base your material on evidence that can be supported by other sources. Strive to keep your business seen as a legitimate source of truth when delivering content.

5. Invest in your company

There are countless free tools you can use to grow your business online. Unfortunately, these “free” tools are merely ways to get you to upgrade to premium services. As a business owner, upgrading oftentimes makes sense.

The key is to know what to invest in. As a small business owner, items you should make an investment in are effective and proven lead generation methods, marketing funnels and necessary technologies, such as email marketing software and business development programs. Only invest money into programs that will make you money or improve operation continuity.

Aside from these, you can find free tools very helpful—or at the very least, leverage the free trial offers to determine whether a potential solution is a fit for your company.

An Important Key to Growing Your Business Online, Fast

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