• Ellard Thomas, MBA

Keep’em Comin’ Back: 5 Simple Steps to Getting Repeat Customers for Your Small Business

W. Edwards Deming stated, “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.”

As a small business owner, you must ask yourself this important question: What am I doing, not to only drum up new business, but to keep my customers coming back?

Sadly, many small business owners do not make getting repeat customers a part of their new business development strategy. And as a result, they find themselves in a volatile state of increasing marketing spend and losing operational strength.

If you’re seeking to be a highly successful business owner, it’s important to adopt marketing practices that, not only bring in new business, but to keep a large percentage of customers coming back.

The tactics I’m going to share with you will help you achieve this goal and take your small business to higher, financial heights.

1.) Offer great service: You (and those employed by you) are a reflection of your company, its standards and its credibility.

Today’s savvy prospects are highly educated and have a number of companies they can call to get their needs met and their problems addressed.

This is why delivering superior service (to match your service or products) is so important.

If you don’t offer quality service, then forget about being in business. There’s simply no need.

2.) Keep in touch with your clients: Countless small business owners have forgotten about their customers shortly following a transaction or sale. And as a result, the customers soon forget about them.

Your goal is to be remembered at all times so you'r the first thought when help is needed.

Some successful business owners have gone as far as sending their current client base birthday cards, handwritten 'Thank You' cards, and discount codes via email.

3.) Extend a personal touch: Voice mail and emails may simplify communication, but the personal touch becomes lost.

Although you may find yourself leaving voice mails or sending emails, there's something to remember: these are not legitimate follow ups.

If you’ve reached out several times and had to leave a voice mail, for instance, on your final attempt, ask your contact to call you back to discuss something important.

The trick is to show your clients how important they are to you.

4.) Remember special occasions: It was touched on earlier, but it’s important to send regular birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc.

Gifts are excellent follow up tools, as well. No need to spend a fortune, but something small and meaningful would be nice.

Learn about the #1 gift we use to get repeat customers on autopilot!

5.) Pass knowledge onward: Your customers are phenomenal people—some are business owners that are making major moves in the community.

You can continue and strengthen the relationship by passing on kudos, recommending books of interests, etc.

The key is to have a reason to stay in

customers’ minds, and to prevent the thought of reaching out to your competitors.

6.) Incentivize your current customers: Is it really a bribe if you give your customers something nice as a ‘Thank you’ or ploy to buy more? Nah…it’s actually highly recommended!

Successful business owners have generated millions of dollars of revenue by incentivizing their customers.

As a way of showing appreciation, they have given away vacations, hotel discounts and dinner vouchers. And unbelievably, it didn’t cost much for them at all to do this.

They simply built strategic partnerships and alliances to make this a very cost-effective tactic in their sales and marketing strategies.

If you’re interested in how they generated so much business, take a look at this system for yourself.

A big part of your company's success relies on getting repeat business. It's less expensive, because they're already a part of your current client base. Simply show them how much you care and they'll love you for it.

If you're in a place where you may either need help with getting new customers, or need help turning your current customers into repeat buyers, we're here to help.

You may contact us directly or visit us, and together we'll devise and implement a strategy that works for you and your company.

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