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Small Business Success: 4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don’t Convert (and How to Fix Them)

You know Facebook, right? Your probably even have a page or two, or communicate frequently on it, too.

But what about doing business on it?

Facebook Ads have become one of the most popular advertising options for people who leverage online marketing.

Unfortunately, there are over 90% of business owners who try Facebook Ads and fail to generate positive conversion rates.

In this article, we’re going to identify some of the common errors that small business owners make, when running Facebook Ads on their own.

Together, we’ll look at why the majority of ad campaigns tend to fail and what can be done to get ideal results.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a crystal clear sense of what’s required, if you want to fix your ineffective Facebook Ads.

Let’s begin…

Reason #1: Poor Targeting

One of the reasons small business owners fail with Facebook Ads is because they do not target their ads properly. Facebook allows you to create custom audiences but many people do not realize this.

More than 1.09 billion people use Facebook every day—it’s hard to say that your target market isn’t available.

One of the main advantages of Facebook Ads is you have the ability to target get your ads in front of the people you want, and who will be interested in your particular offer.

This is why there’s been nearly 50% growth in advertisers within the last few years.

Reason #2: Your Approach is Wrong

Many business owners struggle with Facebook Ads before they even get started. As you are aware, most people don’t go to Facebook looking to “buy” or “invest” in product of services.

They usually use Google for that…

So what do you do?

Identify “audiences” that would review what you have to offer, and tailor brief messages to them.

Here’s a quick video that briefly explains what to do.

Reason #3: Too Much Text on Image

Once upon a time, Facebook had a tool that would let you know if you were outside of the ‘text’ parameters.

Times have changed…

The easiest way to determine whether you meet the guidelines for you ad is to check the messages in the Delivery column of your Ads Manager dashboard.

If you have too much text, trust me, you’ll know. It’s hard to miss the alert.

Reason #4: Wrong Audience to Message Match

If your campaign is getting impressions, but your ads aren’t getting link clicks, it’s a strong indication that your ad message isn’t the best for your targeted audience.

I suggest you try multiple ad sets, each targeting different audiences to see if can discover the audience best suited for your ad focus.

The Best Way to Eliminate Facebook Ads Headaches, Possible?

As a small business owner, there are two activities I strive to do. Mitigate friction. Multiply my revenue-generating efforts.

Essentially, I work hard on doing what I do best.

For activities too daunting or time-consuming, I partner with someone whom specializes in those areas.

Yep, you got it…I outsource.

I used to believe that outsourcing was a horrible idea—that is—until I became a business owner. I now understand the reason.

If you are not particularly strong in a function of your business, why not partner with someone who is.

If creating Facebook Ads that convert is an issue, then outsource this responsibility and focus on generating revenues.

You may ask, “Who can I count on?”

Consider K|E Marketing Group.

We are a full-service digital marketing and consulting company that specializes in increasing sales, customers and generating exclusive leads for our clients.

If you're interested in having a no-obligation, introductory meeting, to determine how we can help you drive more business into your company, please contact us.

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